Exposure and Bonding

Sometimes a tooth does not erupt into the mouth as it is supposed to do.  This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from presence of pathology to dental crowding.  Drs. Green and Jones will coordinate with your orthodontist to determine the reason the tooth has not erupted in its normal sequence and in addressing the need for surgery to help bring the tooth into place.  In most cases, the surgery will uncover the tooth and a bracket similar the the rest of the braces will be cemented onto this tooth.  This bracket will be attached to a chain that will then be used by the orthodontist to pull the tooth into its proper position.  This most often results in successful eruption of the tooth into its proper position in the mouth.  Drs. Green and Jones can review the specific risks associated with the exposure and bonding of you or your child’s tooth according the specific orientation of the tooth involved and its relationship to the adjacent teeth.