Bone Anchor Plates

If you suffer from severe tooth alignment problems, then we invite you to visit the offices of Ralph Green DMD for anchor plates and DDOs. We offer these services to not only improve tooth movement, but to also shorten your orthodontic treatment time. Schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon if you need to receive orthodontic anchor plates or DDOs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Anchor plates are also known as orthodontic bone anchors. While most braces systems retain anchorage to the large molars in the back of the mouth, these plates provide a more secure skeletal anchor for your teeth. The plates won’t negatively affect the tooth roots, and they can be adjusted to fit your unique bone structures. This temporary fixed device improves tooth movement and helps to make orthodontic treatment more predictable.

DDO (dentoalveolar distraction osteogenesis) is another service we offer which helps to speed up an orthodontic treatment. The DDO surgical technique not only makes for safe, rapid tooth movement, but it also reduces the risk for root resorption, bone loss, and relapse. We complete this procedure by making incisions in the gums and small bone cuts along the jaw, after which we place bone grafts. If you want to learn more about how anchor plates and DDOs help to improve orthodontic treatment, then contact our team today.